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The following are the main publications that describe the methodological developments and improved metrics implemented in Conefor. See the Applications section for publications related to the actual use of the software on landscape planning and monitoring case studies.

  • Saura, S. & L. Rubio. 2010. A common currency for the different ways in which patches and links can contribute to habitat availability and connectivity in the landscape. Ecography 33: 523-537. (download pdf)
  • Saura, S. & J. Torné. 2009. Conefor Sensinode 2.2: a software package for quantifying the importance of habitat patches for landscape connectivity. Environmental Modelling & Software 24: 135-139. (download pdf)
  • Saura, S. & L. Pascual-Hortal. 2007. A new habitat availability index to integrate connectivity in landscape conservation planning: comparison with existing indices and application to a case study. Landscape and Urban Planning 83 (2-3): 91-103. (download pdf)
  • Pascual-Hortal, L. & S. Saura. 2006. Comparison and development of new graph-based landscape connectivity indices: towards the priorization of habitat patches and corridors for conservation. Landscape Ecology 21 (7): 959-967. (download pdf)