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Download Conefor

There are two Conefor versions available for downloaded below:

- Conefor with graphical user interface. This is the one that may be preferred by most users since it is easier and more intuitive to use. This is the type of interface that has been provided in all Conefor compilations since the first Conefor version was released in 2007. It is only available for Windows.

- Conefor with command line interface. This may be the best option for more specialized or advanced users that may need a more powerful control of the Conefor functionalities. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac, and both for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Conefor command line allows for automation via scripting and batch processing of multiple files (e.g. multiple landscapes, dates, distance values, etc). It can also be used from R through the shell command. New! A Conefor command line version for directed networks (asymmetric connectivity) is now available for download below.

Conefor 2.6 with graphical user interface can be downloaded from here. This is a compressed 8 MB file (ZIP format) containing the executable file, the user manual, the main papers that describe the methodological developments and improved metrics implemented in Conefor, and some sample files. No installation is needed; just uncompress the ZIP file and run Conefor by opening the executable file Conefor26.exe. Note that this download does not include the GIS extensions that can be used in combination with Conefor: you can download these separately from the "GIS extensions" section in this website. This version only allows to analyse non-directed connectivity; below you can find a Conefor command line version for directed networks.

You can download the user manual describing the new functionalities in Conefor 2.6 as a PDF file from here (note that this manual is anyway included in the software download above). In particular, go to section 4 in this manual if you just want to read a summary of the new features in Conefor 2.6 compared to previous version 2.2.

In case you are interested, the old Conefor Sensinode 2.2 version with graphical user interface (exactly as it was released in June 2007) can be still downloaded from here. This was a 9 MB auto-installation file containing the software package, the user manual, two related papers (only those published in 2006 and 2007), some sample data, and the old version of the GIS extensions. In case you just want to read the old user manual for Conefor Sensinode 2.2, you can download it from here as a PDF file.

Conefor 2.6 with command line interface can be downloaded from here. This is a compressed 4 MB file (ZIP format) containing Conefor command line compilations for Windows, Linux and Mac (and for both 64-bit and 32-bit systems), manuals describing the command line syntax, some examples of commands using different Conefor functionalities, and some instructions on how to use Conefor command line from R. No installation is needed; just uncompress the ZIP file and run the executable file of the selected Conefor compilation. Note that to use this version it is assumed that you are already familiar with the standard Conefor version with graphical user interface; please download and first go through the papers, manuals and sample files you will find above in the download for the Conefor version with graphical user interface. The manuals for the Conefor command line version only describe those options and functionalities that are specific to this command line version and not already described in the standard Conefor version with graphical user interface. This version only allows to analyse non-directed networks; see next for a Conefor command line version for directed graphs.

Conefor command line for directed networs can be downloaded here (new!). This version allows to analyse asymmetric connectivity, i.e. cases in which the probability of dispersal from a node x to a node y is different than in the opposite direction (from y to x). Asymmetric connectivity is relevant in a number of important cases, such as spatio-temporal connectivity, source-sink dynamics, wind-driven dispersal, flows of water and species along rivers, or seasonal animal migration. Directed connectivity can be analysed in this Conefor version using the Probability of Connectivity and other related metrics based on networks with probability-weighted links. The download file for this version (1.2 MB) includes the executable file (Windows 64 bits) for the directed version of Conefor command line and a short document summarizing the main features of this version and providing instructions on its usage. In case you are interested only in this document, you can download it here. Most of the functionalities and options are similar, if not identical, to those in the standard non-directed Conefor command line that is available above. It is important to note that only a subset of the functionalities of the standard (non-directed) Conefor have been included in this directed version so far. For example, metrics based on binary (unweighted) links, such as IIC, are not yet included, although this may be incorporated in a future version.

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